Disclaimer – What will follow later is not, I repeat NOT the product of a fevered Estadioian mind. The information comes exclusively from you the Celtic Support, from history, from the here and now and even a ripple from the possibilities of the future!

It is a tale of reality, probabilities, possibilities and hidden warnings. It comes to you, from you, for you.

Discard immediately any preconceptions you may have concerning  automatic or ghost writing; the planchette (appropriately translated as ‘little plank’) is a weak tool in the hands of the unambitious and misguided. Spirits cannot utilise earthly muscles to transcribe messages/stories from beyond the veil. Those who indulge in its fruitless pursuit are no more than those you remember  from school who sat day-dreaming,  staring out of the window, pencil and rule (or little plank/Planchette) unmoving on a blank piece of paper.  The misguided souls would try and convince the world at large that they were acolytes of automatic ghost writing.

Sadly they were and are merely deluded fools.

There is however a  far more powerful explicable and demonstrable phenomenon of transkinetocalligraphy. This school of transcendental artistry, although suggesting something to do with writing actually crosses all art form boundaries. Music, sculpture, acting, painting, mathematics are also included.

“Of course” I hear those well versed in the principles and with some knowledge of the great practitioners of the art.

Aficionadas no doubt will be aware, seemingly without effort,  many of our fellow travellers fundamentally changed the world and broadened the horizon of mankind.

Think only of The Wurzels, Mike Batt, Tracey Emin, John Wayne, The Klangers and wee Chung my maths teacher at St Patrick’s, Coatbridge; all true adherents of transkinetocalligraphy. Only the intellectually challenged regard them as ‘talentless’. Those in the know are all too aware that they were being guided by the eons of the past, the ages to come and that infusion of occult spirit from another plane.

I now find myself as part of that august company.I am humbled

What follows are not my words.

As the  letters, then words, sentences and paragraphs took form I marvelled at the magic they conjured but I also realised their source.

In the background of my room one of my soul mates in this movement, Glen Daly sang in time to my typing, of ‘darning the hair;  on CQN, KDS, Etims and so many others site contributors and initiates in this art such as WinningGemmel, Noel90, EDB, SFTB, Hector Bandido, Rui Milla, Kiwi Mick, Neganon, timbhoy (1 and 2), Canamalar, Rioskorrie, Kitalba, lurcy, Rascar Capac, Gaudd and Chattan ( a suspected occult spy, master of disguise and man of many talents from the underworld) and a cast of thousands provided the springs to my key depressions; the photographs of Seville, Brother Walfrid, The Prince, Big Jock, Wee Jinky, Angelina Jolie in a Celtic top  and the whole of Paradise doing the biggest and best huddle in the world formed every loop and curve of bit and byte; and the glue that gave it true meaning came from the deepest memory of a four year old boy who had told me story many years after an event that changed his life forever.

I am merely the messenger.

Please leave your guns at this gateway to the possible.

Hail hail


4 thoughts on “AN INTRODUCTION TO

  1. RonnieD says:

    You should be writing trailers for Kojo’s “projects.”
    There will be a better chance of meeting Angeline in her hoops.
    That’s today buggerd as I’ll be at home all day awaiting the revelation sensation.

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