Through the Keyhole – Celtic Style

And here we have a detached mansion of significant value and obviously the property of a widely travelled man of substance and prospects. The extensive acreage with its predominantly green hue is not to be ignored in the search for this man’s identity.

Of course nothing tells us more about the inner psyche and potential identity as a quick rummage around personal belongings and a recce of the apparent lifestyle. So as we enter through the open door, what do we find?

Well firstly a tastefully decorated boudoir, night-shirt already laid out, 3 litres of Bleinheimer red wine and drinking mug, complementary Green and White Powerade in the event of overactive dreams, and to the right at the top a personally designed portable loo (empty Powerade bottle).

A man of undoubted action and a life of living at the edge.

But a closer examination is warranted before you close in on our mystery man’s identity.

The currency is a 10 Pula note from Botswana, where rain and money are equally valued – hence the name ‘Pula’ which means ‘rain’ in the local lingo (of which there are too many to list, but they all use pula for rain and money’!

The tube of cream is the ever necessary pile treatment for dry dusty climes and hole in the outback ablutions; the soap – an old wives cure for curry bum, and the bowl – well it looked nice but lonely sitting in the cupboard in the last backpackers (and it is Green and White).

The little elastic band combo is a ‘Micky Baker’ patented fly and mozzie killer. Hold one end at a stretch and sneak up behind unsuspecting vermin and let go…….SPLAT. Wings, legs, torso and blood…..nice! With practice it can be fired from a distance of up to eight feet. The very sight of one being prepared has sent disease ridden bloodsucking parasites scurrying for cover and some other body to lay their eggs or malarial infestation on.

The clues are flowing freely now.

If you haven’t got the answer yet, well here are a few more pictures to seal the mystery man’s identity…….

This is the patio and external library for those evenings when it’s just too hot to lounge indoors or when the effect of too much Tui renders the zip fingers numb and lifeless!

And finally even a rough tough travelling man sometimes needs home comforts and the civilising affect of clean clothes. After damp nights when floods and torrents can sweep in mud, and erupting sulphurous lakes inundate clothes with stench and corrosive clay, a Washing line is a welcome diversion from the daily struggle to survive.

So viewers, you have all the clues……whose keyhole have we just looked through?

Hail hail

Estadio (oops)

7 thoughts on “Through the Keyhole – Celtic Style

  1. RonnieD says:

    Don’t you know that in tropical areas, flys lay their eggs on clothes drying outdoors and the larvae then burrow themselves into your skin? Have you carefully examined your naked body especially in intimate areas?

    The following is from the Timternet so it must be accurate.
    “The tumbu fly is found in many parts of East and Central Africa. It lays eggs on clothing – especially clothes that bear traces of urine or sweat. Clothes hanging outdoors on the washing line and clothes laid out on the ground to dry are the usual target.”

    “The eggs hatch on contact with human skin. The larvae burrow into the skin and produce a characteristic boil, which contains not pus, but a developing maggot. The boils are usually multiple and are most often over the back, arms, scrotum, and around the waist.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    the maori long boat guys at the beach in pahia are celtic men-well i taught them to sing the fields about 5 yrs ago so they definately urnae huns!!

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