Service a bit slow then.

It all started with a picture message from Grand67 (ma pal who is yet to post on CQN)……

“Where the Hell are you. I’ve been waiting for ages, and bloody hell the service is slow….I’m next, I’m next”

Either he was telling the truth (which is a fairly unusual occurrence in his case) or the Atkins diet had proved more effective than he could ever have hoped…..

I rushed up the pub immediately and a night of fun and frolics ensued…

“I fancy skinning up” my mate said with a toothy grin “I could go with a real HIP JOINT”

We gave him the ‘thumbs up’….

God we skulled some pints….and then all too soon the night drew to a close. As the giggles subsided he smiled at me and with one of those sly wee winks he whispered to me

“See ya the morra punk….I’ve only gone and pulled….”

He took his beautiful conquest in his arms (or rather she took him in hers) and as to the accompaniment of Boney M, together they headed off into the night.

“Don’t forget to wear your Scotland gear on Tuesday” I shouted “Or I’ll have a bone to pick with you!!”

Now that’s what you call a good night out !

hail hail


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