We were headin fur ‘four in a row….A dream destroyed

Remember Helicopter Thursday??

I’ve wound up ma scarf an’ folded ma tap,

Ma tammy’s been carefully laid

In ma wee bedroom shrine

Tae the team that is mine,

Aye… Celtic’s dream making arcade.


Fur eight weeks ah’ll rest, sweet calm on ma breast

And dry oot frae alcohol’s pain

Arise frae ma knees,

Cast aff the DTs,

Till kick-aff comes roon wance again!


It’s runs in the morn and gym after tea

It’s swimming, an’ treks up Munros

Nae fried stuff an’ chips

Nor links made frae lips

An’ filled oot wae ears,bums and nose.


But try as I might, the echo of cheers

Will no’ let me lie fur too long

As sleep shuts ma eyes

Ah’ll hear the crowds’ cries

An’ join in the Champions’ song.


In sweet slumber rapt, again ah’ll replay

An’ wance mair ah’ll taste an’ ah’ll hear

As oor leader Ghord

Pits the ‘gers tae the sword

An’ the glow o’ the title draws near..


An’ fillin’ that dream, their names ever etched

On ma soul, a hero each wan,

A sea white and Green

Jist flooded the scene

As the whirly-bird started tae land.


So never ye fear, fur Celtic’s aye near

The green spark still lights up ma eyes

Ma beating heart glows

An’ frae heid doon tae toes

Ah’ll shine like that fresh polished prize.


An’ now as I lie in happy repose

The video playing again,

The Hi Fi on max

Wae Christy Moore tracks

An’ our enemies raging in vain!




Come August’s shrill call, first kick of the ball

Wae troosers that contour ma frame

Ma waist slim an’ sleek

Will make burds go weak

As I stride up the road tae the game!


A new flag unfurled, the roar of the crowd,

Wan glance back, then on wae the show

The whistle blasts out

The fans have nae doubt,

We’re heading fur four in a row!

(What happened?)

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