A Glasgow landmark – like a phoenix risen

In the middle of a walk on the wild side of life this plaque caught my attention, where am I/building name? THIS IS A DIFFICULT ONE!

Answer later after I have made my cordon vert speciality….Matt’s Penne Arrabiata and readied the latest compendium evoking the stunning variety of  ‘Glasgow Life’ ….or as I call them ‘Streets and pubs’….for blogging

Hail hail



4 thoughts on “A Glasgow landmark – like a phoenix risen

  1. RonnieD says:

    Govanhill Baths. T’internet is a fine resource. 🙂
    You can even see the plaque on Google Maps street view.
    The above inspired by RFC(IA) Cheats Charter

    1. Ronnie

      Aye but the internet cannae quite capture the memory or reality of the sounds of marital discord, cars running over paper sellers, burning curry or the unmistakable odour of the bins being raided by incontinent foxes. 🙂

      Stepping in dog shite is what makes the walking around Glasgow so much more than simply knowing where you are….and you have to remember that I sometimes haven’t got a bleedin clue where I am although I do know that the green bottle in my non camera carrying hand is MINE and no one will take my Buckie aff me :-).

      I may be becoming a luddite!

      The refrain ‘You’ll never google alone’ somehow doesn’t seem to have the same romantic cachet as ‘you’ll never walk alone’.!

      It’s me against the internet is it…..right let’s see who’s the daddy. But the big question is for the moment….. what am I doing up at this time?

      Hail Hail


  2. Ronnie says:

    I am sure all this walking will ensure you’re healthy enough to do “Walking Away” when we win our 10th in a row.

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