When Glasgow ruled the world…..and….

The Clyde ruled the waves……

It’s hard to believe (even for auld gits like me) that it is only one hundred years ago today that Govan was incorporated into the city of Glasgow’s boundaries. And there hangs a tale of why there is a dispute over whose claim to be Glasgow’s oldest pub is the more solid.

The Scotia and the Old College Bar both lay claims, but since for much of its existence The Scotia’s locale was actually deemed to be Govan, I reckon the Old College wins it. Plus of course, the Old College bar was named after the  university, which before its flitting to the leafy and smog free suburbs of the west end, went by the nickname of  “The  Old College”.

Anyway……so a three parter to keep brain atrophy at bay….

Where am I?

What is the ships name?

And who owned it?

I’ll check back later but I need to get some deep heat treatment after tearing a hamstring while watching the triathlon.

Oh aye….the picture

And here it is at the top of the Merchants building


The Bonny Nancy sculpture is at the top just off-centre.

The pipers in the foreground are gathering for the World Piping Championships.

Hail Hail




4 thoughts on “When Glasgow ruled the world…..and….

    1. VP,

      Not had a drink since end of May.

      Been in Sharkey’s once.

      Went to Inter and Helsinki games but not the Dons match.

      Awaiting final test results before I get back fully on life’s jungle ride. Target is 1st Sept after Hibs game.

      I could absorb a pint through my eyes at the moment. You are right about the location – details to follow.

      Hail Hail


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