8 thoughts on “I haven’t grown any…..

    1. It was the smoking, beer, high livin …..and Kelly McGillis.

      More of a character actor these days…..wait to you see the pic (and this one is me) coming up. Gone over the internet cafe in town.

      “Isn’t he cute”, said the drink soaked traffic warden who had come in to shelter from the rain.

      Hail hail


    1. Miki,

      I stopped ten years ago. I smoked 20 a day and then one morning I said ‘No Mas’. No patches, gum, hypnosis….just stopped and never even wanted one. That day I convinced myself that I hadn’t ‘stopped smoking’. I ‘didn’t smoke’. Still don’t know where the 40 grand I’ve not spent is:-)

      Hail hail


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