Across the City 1

Just a few streets apart,

This one is on a which very popular boulevard?

And these various views of the same sad man, possibly in need of a xxxxl shirt no longer produced by JJB sports, sees me still in the centre. Someone somewhere believes it has artistic merit. I can only assume that it was as a ‘before’ picture in a diet portfolio!!

Since it is slightly off the main drag, I think whoever was forced to put it up probably doesn’t see a lot of metaphor in it!

Hail hail


7 thoughts on “Across the City 1

    1. What do you think the artist was trying go convey?….I look at that and I see a tearful rangers fan, having torn off his xxxxl shirt, standing looking into the distance with his pet goose faithfully by his side. But there again, my mind is still a bit scrambled! 🙂

      Hail Hail


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