Olympian Gods old and new


The above is the Old Railway Bridge piles at Jamaica Street where the water boat for Braehead docks. The inscriptions were created for The Garden festival.




The above is under the Kingston Bridge where it crosses the clyde at the junction that leads up to St Patrick’s and  Charing Cross


The above is of course the Granville Street entrance to the Mitchell. It used to be St Andrews Halls and played a huge conference role in the organisation of Red Clydeside in the early 1900s including the head to heads between the weasel Lloyd George and the rising Labour party. It burnt down later and all that was left was the facade…below. The building does not bulge….it is a panorama picture.


And this of course is The Kelvin Art Gallery, which goes to prove that big Manly AOtH Sashes are better than wee wimpy sashco, exsash, newsash versions that wouldn’t cover Posh Spice’s moles!

Hail hail


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