George Square – Impromptu gathering 8/4/2013


As impromptu events tend to, the evening started with little groups of four or five huddling, texting and phoning around, trying to be inconspicuous.
A helicopter hovered overhead and a couple of response unit wagons circled the Square like sharks round the USS Indianapolis. To be fair, the helicopter got bored and the polis in the van seemed to be clapping along to the tunes from the rapidly assembled loudspeakers. It was a pot pourri (but not so sweet smelling mix) of SWP (something worth protesting???),  anti-coalition, communist party, hunger strikers, independence supporters, stray dogs and a couple of Glasgow Information officers.
Soon the musical tributes to the latest crosser of the River Styx started and lo and behold, serendipity and a bus called Ghoulish Glasgow parked adjacent to the party. – I thought of photoshopping a picture of the anti-hero in there, but I’ll save that for another time!
It was then time for those who wanted to speak to take control of the conch and as if by magic, a piper appeared and everyone, protesters, dogs, polis, passers by, photographers and half the Greggs queue decided on an impromptu ceilidh. The speakers eventually gave up and joined in the dancing as well!
I decided to head back over the bridge but just took one last pic of a tastefully decorated building site with the iconic Glasgow name of BAM! I felt a sudden surge of empathy with it! 





2 thoughts on “George Square – Impromptu gathering 8/4/2013

    1. Free speech and all that Chris. I won’t even bother deleting that moronic post of yours. It would only spoil the contents of trash. The world will be a better place for having a good snigger at your attempt at coherent thought.

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