Bored Bored Bored

These are my new running shoes ($29.95 from Lowes in the Myer centre)

Also pictured are my socks feet and a wee bit of my legs.


As my running sheoes, socks, feet and legs burst into action, they took me across the Story Bridge where in a moment of realising that my heart was about to burst I stopped and took a picture of Brisbane and the Brisbane River.

_DSC0344 (640x426)

This is a bird in King George Square….and NO I don’t remember taking it or even why. It has no aesthetic value nor can I think of any sentimental reason. I did take a similar picture in Sydney once but at least the bird there had a green and white leg tag on….so there was at least a Celtic connection


Someone needs to tell Brisbane City council that just because they have an excess of sunshine and have to get rid of it somehow……they don’t need to turn their beautiful City Hall into an LGBT mecca.


Beleive me I have nothing against such venues, but just a couple of Kilometres down the road in the valley, they do it with a bit more panache, grace, humour and style…….this is just boak!!!!


The following two pictures are of my room ceiling….It is carpeted!!!! I assume they had the hotel built in the northern hemisphere and forgot to turn it upside down when they came to put it together in Brisbane.

IMG_20141126_193108606 IMG_20141126_193114757

These are my feet again, relaxing at the end of my legs on the bed, listening to “He’s in the jailhouse now from Oh Brother where art thou.”


This is a close up of my wallet and thirty bucks!!


And finally my running gear laid out for tomorrow. The music on the tablet/notebook computer is now Luke Kelly giving laldy to “Freedom Come all ye”

So while you admire my choice of colour for running in you can listen to the song as well……it will be like we are together 🙂 🙂


8 thoughts on “Bored Bored Bored

  1. Richie (CQN) says:

    Looks like you’re enjoying your travels! Pity you couldn’t make the Blane before you left but look forward to hearing your tales on your return (mibees in Sharkeys?)

    1. Richie

      Not really bored. Just that I know what is going on a few doors away. But I wouldn’t feel very good in themorning.

      Taking the chance to read up a little on Aussie history, Got a book called “Australian History in 7 questions” by John Hirst.

      Quirky enough to engage my interest but deep enough to enlightening.

      The first question is “Why did Aboriginies not become farmers?”

      Back on 19th March, God willing, and Sharkeys is in my diary.

      hail hail


  2. settingfreethebears says:

    HI Estadio,

    I see you have wandering feet again. Good luck to them. I hope you have a few Celtic wins to celebrate while you are down under.

    On Australian history books, I would recommend The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes. It is beautifully written and the finest argument against Social Darwinism and Knee-jerk punishment practices, as well as covering early Colonial history.

    All the best to you and your feet.


    1. SFTB

      Australia this time was by ‘accident’!

      It was supposed to be India but the inoculations for Hep A, typhoid and rabies didn’t take. So I had to get them redone and needed 4 weeks for them to kick in……so Oz it Woz at the beginning of the trip rather than at the end.

      Off to Delhi, Kathmandu and then done through the Raj to Bangalore, over to Burma, Thai islands, Vietnam and Kampuchea.

      Think it’ll be time enough to hang up the travelling boots then.

    1. VP See above to SFTB…… for knocking my pan out- the injections have done that….

      The idea of inoculation is that they give you a wee bit of what they are trying to protect you from so that your body generates antibodies,

      Well I think they gave me a wee bit too much of the Rabies stuff…..because I felt on the precipice of insanity.

      I mean….let’s be honest here, I shouldn’t really have been mourning the loss of a beer mat…even if it was ‘Beer Mat Angie’. (the girls in the pub had each given me a wee McGuffin to accomapny me…..Angie had given me a beer mat which had been christened Beer Mat Angie……sadly she/it had met its end prematurely after slipping between the slats of a large Brisbane sign…..ach jist accept that madness is a natural state of mind)

      Anyway as for what happened next (inside my head) you just need to shake your bonce in utter incredulity.

      “Perhaps it wasn’t an accident!!” I pondered,

      “Perhaps it was like Agatha Christies story of the Ten little Indians, where one of the McGuffins is secretly bumping off the other ones…..until only the evil one is left …….and they have my full and undivided attention!”

      I assembled the remaining McGuffins together and eyeing them suspiciously I considered which of them had motive, means and opportunity to commit the heinous deed.

      My mind began to race as I considered the options and in a flash of inspiration I concluded that the perpetrator was ……..”Beer Mat Angie” itself!!!!!

      The dastardly coaster had staged the whole thing and would deviously return in the night to take out in turn each of my remaining companions.


      So there you have it. My state of mind (and I have held back on some of the more worrying features) after having had travel vaccines for Hep A, Typhoid, Rabies, Polio and yellow fever administered by the spouse of a bloke from Dalmarnock who had obviously taught her that well known Glasgow Medical Technique of “Injection by Chib”.  

      So back to sanity today albeit a sort of raving sanity and getting ready for my run.

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