Just when you thought they were deid and buried…

There you are, just wandering around the Lalbagh Botanical gardens in Bengalore, thinking great thoughts and promising to be a really nice person no matter the provocation…………. when as I turn the corner towards the Japanese Garden…….aaaaagggghhh……………..guess what has sprouted from their tomb……NAAAAWWWWWW!!

_DSC0447 (426x640)

And this is it…..

_DSC0446 (426x640)


And this is one of the inhabitants of the said tree……On being asked for a comment, he said that he wasn’t happy with the name Ficus Religiosa but that Beggars couldn’t be choosers!

_DSC0448 (426x640)

Fortunately beside the resident Hunkey there was a place for me to leave suggestions…

_DSC0450 (640x426)


Hail Hail



2 thoughts on “Just when you thought they were deid and buried…

  1. Michael Gillen says:


    Hope yer enjoying yourself,sure seems that way. Have you informed the locals of the impending monsoon?

    1. Michael…….oh how accurate that final comment is…..was just organising to head for Sri Lanka in a couple of weeks time when I was notified that there has been torrential floods, avalanches and recommendations by the foreign office not to go there.

      This has been further added to by an outbreak of Dengue fever (not sure what it is, but I think it is rife in Shettleston). Thousands are fleeing and hostels and flight-in have plummeted in price… Sri Lanka it is then 🙂 🙂

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