5 thoughts on “who draped that towel over the trellis?

    1. Francis,
      Currently in Yangon/Rangoon.
      Will be returning to Glasgow via a fairly circuitous route by March 20th.
      But listen, .It’s great being a feckin millionaire
      .With the exchange rate at 1000 kyats = £6.30 ish, all you need is £630 and you are worth a million Kyats.

      Beer and food per day works out at about 1500 Kyats, say a tenner…..if I was buying the ingredients and beer from shops then it would be about three quid

      ……Sitting in a side street in Yangon having Kung Pao chicken and a soup that wid burn the devil’s throat!!. The music playing is the unplugged version of Hotel California!! just like ma mates used to in Sharkey’s….it’s making me really homesick…… For California 🙂

      Off by bus to Mandalay in a few hours…..with some monks…let’s see who converts who!!

      If they show me how not to come back in my next life as a cockroach or a hun, then I’ll teach them The Celtic Song and my proposed National Anthem for Myanmar…..(NOT)

      Hail hail

  1. Francis McClure says:


    Apologies re the below post; on reflection it appears abrupt and inquisitive, not my intention. Was just that I was hoping to meet up and talk about all things Celtica given as I missed out on meeting up on your last trip when I was then in Dubai but itinerary change scuppered that idea. Anyway hope you are in fine fettle…..

    Regards & Hail Hail Franny (TBM)

    From: francismcclure@hotmail.com To: comment+efo5ie6cb3osmhlk46itucb@comment.wordpress.com Subject: RE: [New post] who draped that towel over the trellis? Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 04:30:39 +0000

    Estadio You still in S.E. Asia????? Franny (TBM)

    Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 09:46:28 +0000 To: francismcclure@hotmail.com

    1. Franny, No apologies needed!

      Just about to leave the Thai Islands now having spent a marvellous time in Burma.

      Heading back to India and hoping to get back to Goa by 6th March for a rest and relax before hitting the trail home.

      Done a couple of daft things on this trip…….but I’ll save them for when I am not focusing all my psychic energy on the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium and a Hoops triumph.. 🙂

      Hail Hail


      1. Franny says:

        Hi Matt,

        So you’ll be just about in good time it well to meet up with TBJ…….

        I’m in Cebu for now; pretty much my second home (if I can consider my wee flat in Halfway my first home!) since returning from the Middle East six year or so ago……
        Just realised……I am a man of property, wait now, the DWP will haave me over the coals now……

        Maybe meet next time; for now, stay safe and well and enjoy……

        Regards & Hail Hail

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