10 years and counting….

In one of those comedic Damascene moments, as I moved into my latest accommodation 10 years ago next month, with the great intentions and resolve of the claustrophobic prisoner I thought….”Just what I need, a stopper to preserve the undrunk remainder of wine in the uncorked bottle”.

At a VERY conservative estimate of 3 bottles of wine a week…..(excluding the roughly one third of the time I spent travelling) that comes to 1040 bottles, none of which have had as much as a dreg left for afters or even the next day’s breakfast.


2 thoughts on “10 years and counting….

  1. James Anthony Barr says:

    I bought one of those stoppers and actually used it when I lived in England. When my brother saw it in my house in Arbroath he had to ask what it was for and was a mixture of astonished and disappointed when I explained. I have`t used the stopper since returning to Caledonia.

    1. Hi James,

      I am now pondering what alternative use I could make of it….so far my ideas have all been to do with getting my revenge on the consultant who said I didn’t need an anaesthetic for my colonoscopy……or possibly something to do with Morelos 🙂

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