Be afraid ….they may be coming after all

From the Guardian 28/4/2020

Pentagon releases three UFO videos taken by US Navy pilots….the question is ….. “Do they show ‘The Rangers’ coming?”

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Nothing shocks me anymore…

Ma kettle’s fecked, the element’s deid,

Ah’v changed the fuse, Ah’v changed the lead

It wullnae boil, so woe is me…

I’ll die without ma cup of tea.

And now ma cooker rings are screwed

No sign of heat to cook ma food

They wullnae poach or boil or fry

“Time’s up” I hear the reaper cry.

Aw naw the telly screen’s gone blank

Ma boat of hope has feckin sank

Nae news aboot this dire disease

Nae bedtime cha, nae toasted cheese.

Ma laptop too is oan the blink

But never fear ma pen’s got ink

So should I start to write ma will?

Or a cheque tae pay the leccy bill?