Wee Ghord becomes St Rachan

Vatican embarrassed as they mistakenly make Gordon St Rachan the latest saint


CQN post being moderated

Matt Stewart on 12th October 2019 3:11 pm

I’ve designed, built and implemented IT systems and solutions from the early 70s when overnight processing used every last bit and oomph from 144k of internal memory. That’s right, whole industries relied on the cutting edge of power that was less one ten-thousandth of the memory you might find in a bog standard smart-phone. I mention this only to put in context what follows.

I have a fairly powerful computer configuration that I use on a daily basis. To demonstrate this, here is a video of my screen from earlier. As you can see there are three streaming videos up and running….Scotland u19 v Andorra u19, BT Sport rugby stuff and Netflix ‘Fractured’. All ran fine and uninterrupted, unglitched unbuffered …..I’ve only included 20 secs here.

I then switched them all off and triggered CQN.

Within seconds the following screen appeared.


So there is a performance issue! I don’t care how many adverts are triggered, how many videos, how much of your personal browsing habits are being stripped and monitored (believe me, there are at least 30 snoopers watching your every move and following you everywhere you go around the net….well they follow you anyway, not me), simply put the website is structured, coded and runs very ineffectively.

Now much of this is outside the owner’s control. Some of it for instance will be down to the resources at hosting provider , some of it will be as a result of using WordPress as the website generator which has a phenomenal amount of unnecessary (for CQN) boilerplate built in, and much of it, in fact most of it will be a consequence of the structure of the code and how often it is processed in a simple for instance refresh AND (I think a real issue) how much in use monitoring/processing is going on even while you aren’t actually interacting.

So I took a look at the CQN code (right click on page and select view page source).

Therein lies the issue……every interaction with a CQN page results in the whole code being rerun, whether it needs to or not. Calls are made to scripts, styles, formats, validations, sub-routines …..everything.

Think of getting dressed in the morning, eating breakfast and then sitting in yer chair. There’s a knock at the door and yer pal’s shouting through the letter box that he’s got a bottle of bucky and a ticket for the Celtic v Lazio game. BUT before you get a swig and stroll to the game, you have to go through everything you’ve done since you woke up….again….get dressed, eat breakfast, sit in the chair….only then can you get up, answer the door, take a gulp of God’s gift to the gullet and head to Paradise…..sadly by this time yer mate (what a wee shite) has sold yer ticket, finished the bucky and is snogging the lassie you fancy frae up the street.

Now I don’t obviously know what all the calls and coding are doing (although I can guess…especially the constant calls back to the hosting server), but I can tell you that to do what CQN does (and there are millions of sites that do similar the technical stuff and more) should cause no performance problems at all.

I now build sites as a hobby using machine level code and/or generators. Performance and testing across PC/Tablet/phones/watches is a key factor in how effective they are.

If I can run three simultaneous streaming applications (and much more) on my system, CQN shouldn’t even create a pimple of a blip in my performance monitor. Sadly it takes it off the scale.

Therein lies your screen jumps, reloads, disappearing entries etc etc etc. The code generated by the WordPress infrastructure is shite. When using such generators especially coupled with adverts there is a simple rule once the screen is loaded for the first time……reprocess only those parts of the screen and issue calls to the remote servers only where visible changes to the screen will result.

I don’t use WordPress myself but there is absolutely no technical reason why these performance issues are apparent. It’s easily fixed structure and interaction between the various components and most of all the unstructured rerunning of every piece of code every time you refresh, select an option or the server wants to know what you are up to. (Ad blockers ONLY prevent the ads being shown….the advertisers are still gleaning your IP address and tracing it across every website you then visit)….for instance here is a typical set of websites monitoring YOUR EVERY CQN INTERACTION.

Blocked tracking headers:    

referrer headers blocked from 2224 sources  

set-cookie headers blocked from 238 sources  

etag headers blocked from 283 sources  

cookie headers blocked from 100 sources    

https://cdn.onesignal.com/sdks/OneSignalSDK.js   https://cdn.snack-media.com/mobiledetection/snackmobiledetect.js   https://widgets.snack-projects.co.uk/gdpr/sm-net-consent.js?v=2018052401   https://widgets.snack-projects.co.uk/gdpr/sm-oo-consent.min.css?v=2018052401   https://s.ntv.io/serve/load.js   https://widgets.snack-projects.co.uk/table/dist/js/embed.js   https://widgets.snack-projects.co.uk/infinite-scroll/dist/js/script.min.js?v=2   https://www.streamfootball.tv/widget?id=1268&width=325   https://widgets.snack-projects.co.uk/table/?comp_id=11&table_theme=green&team_id=199&table_limit=null&color=   https://scripts.snack-media.com/clicktripz/clicktripz.js   https://www.googletagservices.com/tag/js/gpt.js   https://cdn-header-bidding.snack-media.com/assets/js/prebid-latest-   https://widgets.snack-projects.co.uk/table/dist/js/table.min.js   https://widgets.snack-projects.co.uk/table/dist/css/table.min.css   https://widgets.snack-projects.co.uk/table/dist/js/iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js   https://static.clicktripz.com/r/ucb.js  


Big brother is watching you…

Hail Hail


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