As the final bell tolls St Peters comes to Glasgow’s East End……

…………phoenix-like from the ashes arises the new Celtic museum/retail outlet/cafe built to exacting standards on a theme that will gladden many a heart

In order to fit architecturally into the surrounding area, not only the velodrome will have to go but brigton will sadly have to be reduced to rubble in order to make way for a totally new look and feel base upon the environs of St Peter’s in Rome. This is the view back down the London Road towards the Barras……

And with a focal view from across the Clyde from Barrowfield training ground the whole community should be delighted ……

But of course there is so much more…..

The interior cafe, bar, ambience and receptacle for the Champions League trophy would make Michaelangelo Jealous

The Bar

The Cafe

The ambient light system as if coming from that other Paradise

The ‘tabernacle’ as some wag called it where the 2013 – 2016 Champions league trophies will be displayed in perpetuity.

If you thought that was enough, well wait until you see the statues planned for the approach to the stadium..

Finally, planning is well  underway for the opening ceremony

I am sure that when it all comes together everyone will be delighted with the replacement for the Old London Road School and its merging subtly  into the stadium approach….as shown below in a stunning night scene.

Hail hail


7 thoughts on “As the final bell tolls St Peters comes to Glasgow’s East End……

    1. VP

      It’s that bleedin flag at the top, otherwise it would have been a shoe in. BTW, I always thought that Ruggie Town hall was the model for the opening sequence of the Disney films. 🙂

      Hail Hail


  1. Aye you’re right ,re that manky flag,kind of spoils it.
    St Peters in Rome,was in their 2 years ago,now I am a very lapsed Catholic,but I believe God was trying to tell me something.
    My heart was beating out of my chest ,never felt that in a building before
    ……………well apart fae parkheid on a Champs league night.hail hail

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